Insurance Glossary

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  • Absence Management
    Absence management is an employer effort to reduce unscheduled employee absenteeism and, in turn, lower the associated costs such as health care expenses and lost productivity. Among the approaches used to reduce absenteeism are paid-time-off ("PTO") programs, case management, integrated(...)
  • Absenteeism
    An employee's frequent failure to physically appear for work.
  • Accessibility
    One of five governing principles under the Canada Health Act that provides for access to services regardless of income, age, health status, or gender.
  • Accident Insurance
    Accident Insurance is a form of health insurance that protects against loss by accidental bodily injury.
  • Accident Only Coverage
    A disability policy covering disabilities due to injury only.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    Accidental death and dismemberment provides a lump-sum payment if death occurs as a result of an accident. It also provides payments for injuries as sustained or loss of use of specified body parts as a result of an accident.
  • Accidental Death Benefit
    A provision added to an insurance policy that pays an additional benefit in case of death by accidental means. 
  • Accidental Dental Benefits
    A type of insurance coverage found in group and individual extended health insurance plans that typically covers the cost of dental treatment due to an accident that causes injury to the natural teeth. Payment is made in accordance with the limits set out in the policy.
  • Accidental Fracture Benefit
    An optional benefit that pays a lump sum in the case of fracture of a bone with the amount dependent on the particular bone fractured.
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement Benefit
    A benefit included in some injury policies at no extra cost that reimburses medical expenses related to injury such as hospital costs, ambulance, and other practitioners' fees not covered by provincial hospital insurance plans; sometimes offered as optional benefit at an additional cost.

The definitions appearing in this Glossary are provided solely for general informational purposes. They are not intended to be complete descriptions of all terms, conditions and exclusions applicable to the products and services defined. As well, in the case of any inconsistency between the definitions in this Glossary and the definitions appearing in an actual policy, the definitions contained in the actual policy shall govern.