November 2015 Newsletter

Six ways to boost your credit score

november-newsletterYour credit score is essentially your passport to financial opportunities. With a possible range of 300 to 900, your number tells lenders what kind of a risk you are likely to be as a borrower. A low credit score can prevent you from getting the lowest mortgage rate, or even from getting a mortgage at all. That’s why it’s important to know the six credit behaviors that can keep your score high, or give it a boost!

1. Know what you’re working with. Get a copy of your report and see what your lender sees. Credit reports can be ordered for free through the mail or, for a small fee, downloaded from

2. On time, all the time. The single biggest factor in your credit score is having a timely bill payment history. Start today with a commitment to never let a bill get past due.

3. Know your limits. Your credit score is based on your balances relative to your available credit. Look at your credit limits and try not to use more than half of the available amount.

4. A longer history is better. Don’t cancel your oldest credit card. In fact, get advice before you cancel any cards. A long steady history of using cards responsibly demonstrates trustworthiness.

5. Be selective. When you’re asked “would you like to apply for our Store Card to save $X dollars on your purchase?” Don’t do it. These pitches can be a credit pitfall. Regularly looking for more credit will flag you as a potential credit risk.

6. Keep it balanced. Creditors like to see that you can handle a wide variety of credit types.

Our mortgage advisor would be happy to review your situation. If you need to improve your score, we can outline your best options for credit improvement. If you want to get a mortgage while you work on bettering your score, we can also advise how that may be possible. Email us today for more information!

Investment Reminder!

With less than 2 months left to go until Christmas (I know most of you don’t want to hear that yet), it is a good time to remind yourself to make any final contributions towards your RRSPs, TFSAs and RESPs before the year end deadlines.
Contact one of our advisors to help you make a contribution today!

Third Quarter Commentary:

november-newsletter-2Over the past quarter, we saw some extreme volatility in the markets. The volatility is here to stay and so should your long term investment plan. It is in times like this when we stress more than ever that sticking to your plan will not only help you sleep at night, it will also protect your investments form turbulent markets like we are seeing.

For further comments and a detailed overview form our portfolio manager, please click here.