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Brett Tanner Humble & Fred Interview August 8th, 2019

The Value of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade and the Chambers Plan Brett Tanner is interviewed on The Humble & Fred Radio Show August 8th, 2019 Chamber Of Commerce Group Benefits – Group Insurance For Small Business – Employee Benefit Plans For Small Business Please click below to listen to the Brett Tanner interview with Humble & Fred.

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Retirement Income

Retirement Income Planning Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Where are you on the retirement readiness spectrum? Are you someone that worries about it constantly but are in paralysis as far as plans are concerned? Are you perhaps great with your intentions and not quite the same with executing the plans you’ve got in your head? Have your circumstances changed recently, either for the better or as a setback, making your plan for […]

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Appointing an Executor: Who Will You Choose?

When appointing an executor for your estate, the person who first comes to mind won’t necessarily become your final choice. That’s because you must consider a number of factors when making this important decision. On the personal side, typical choices for an executor could be a spouse, child, sibling or close friend. On the professional side, common choices include an individual’s lawyer or accountant, or a corporate executor, such as a trust company. Any two (or more) of these choices can be named as co-executors.

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Have a ​L​augh! ​How Humour Helps Build a Positive and Productive Workplace

Episode 12 – Have a ​L​augh! ​How Humour Helps Build a Positive and Productive Workplace Fostering humour in the workplace can build trust, creativity and productivity and even lower employee turnover rate. Workplace consultant and author of the The Humor Advantage, Michael Kerr explains how having a laugh can impact all aspects of a business.   View More Arete HR Inc. Podcasts

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Personal Health Insurance Guide in Ontario, Canada

Why Personal Health Insurance Is Important:

A personal health insurance plan is an extremely valuable insurance product. Personal health insurance can cover many of the health and prescription drug related expenses not covered by Provincial health care. Purchasing personal health insurance before you have any medications or even minor health issues can ensure that your bills are paid should anything happen and forms an integral part of your financial security. If you wait, you may no longer be insurable, have exclusions or only have access to basic plans.

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As Wealth Increases, a New Need Arises

When your net worth reaches and exceeds a level that meets your financial needs for your expected lifetime, you will require a new strategic plan. For many people saving for retirement, financial life often resembles something like this. A portfolio consists of traditional investments, generally fixed income and equities. Estate planning involves drafting a will and naming an executor. Charitable giving is conducted on an ad hoc basis year to year. A legacy for the […]

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Sandwich Generation: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

It’s a significant life change when your roles have reversed and you’re the one helping a parent with daily living. Meanwhile, you also care for your children at home. Welcome to the sandwich generation. The term was coined almost 40 years ago by social worker Dorothy Miller to refer to women performing this double duty. And today, according to the most recent research[1], women still form the majority of family caregivers in Canada. When you’re […]

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Tanner Financial 12th Annual Charity Golf Classic Schedule

12th Annual Tanner Financial Charity Golf Classic Our 12th Annual Charity Golf Classic Is Only 3 DAYS AWAY! Join us on: Thursday, June 6, 2019 at The Richmond Hill Golf Club 8755 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0H4 Tournament Schedule:  11:00 am: Registration 12:00 pm: Tips from a Pro at the Driving Range 12:00 pm: Lunch 1:00 pm: Shotgun start 5:00 pm: Cocktails 6:00 pm: Dinner *Please note that scheduled times are subject to […]

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How To Easily Offer Your Employees A Wellness Benefits Program

Large companies aren’t the only ones that can provide their staff with a Wellness program. According to a recent (2017) Sanofi Health Survey, wellness and illness prevention are top priorities for employers. Let the Chambers Plan provide you with the resources to provide your staff with wellness options regardless of the size of your organization.  Today, there are varying views about what a wellness program should look like. There are some that feel food stations […]

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