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Creating Business Opportunities Using Life Insurance

Life InsuranceLife insurance is an essential piece of financial planning for the growth of your business. A well-designed life insurance benefit plan will protect your company, employees and their families in the event of an unexpected death and can help fund buy-outs and find additional ways to save tax efficiently.

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Why Do I Need Life Insurance or How Do I Know

Thinking about death is something that no one really wants to spend a lot of time contemplating. It’s important to consider who would face financial stress in the event of your death. Life insurance will provide your loved ones with the cash they need. The goal of a life insurance payout is to replace your income after your death. Additionally, a well-designed life insurance policy will cover expenses such as your funeral costs, ongoing costs […]

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Group Insurance Claims Denied

Understanding the Reasons Why Group Insurance Claims are Denied On the surface, a group insurance package makes a lot of sense. The employer and the insurance company create a plan based on the needs and budget of your company. Once the agreement is signed you and your employees pay the insurance company money to keep the policy active. It may seem simple, but insurance contracts are far from simple. There are many stipulations and obligations […]

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Bill S-201

On May 4th, 2017 Bill S-201 was given Royal Assent. This is a very important piece of legislation many Canadians do not know about. Essentially it protects an individuals genetic history from being used in a discriminatory way. In the insurance business in general terms it means underwriting each individual for coverage, whether it be life, critical illness, annuities or disability products based on their current risk as we can identify them, such as current […]

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