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It’s Time for the Canadian Government to Wake Up;

In the past couple of months, we have had the opportunity to watch governments in the news both here and abroad tackle challenges. Canada clearly has some independent issues that I believe are reaching a boiling point. Watching Canada Post implode; our oil industry falter; our largest auto manufacturer propose closing their oldest and most efficient plants; and the Federal Liberals building a self-serving case to run their next election campaign on – National Pharmacare, […]

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Are we now going to force businesses to lose money?

What’s next, would the labour market and unions like to take over management of all small business in Ontario? While most SME’s have had some time to prepare for the incoming minimum wage hike, the reality is many of them may be in a position where they are forced to make decisions financially to stay afloat. If they employ a lot of part time and lower income workers due to their industry type the changes would have a major affect on their bottom line. For some it would be the difference between profit and loss. Their options would be to cut benefits or other items or cut staff and push more work onto their existing staff hardly the desired affect the provincial government was looking for.

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Why You Should Support Canadian Small Business

Regardless of your political stripes it makes sense to continue to support small business. It is currently the engine to the Canadian economy and anything that will be detrimental will simply stall the engine. For those of you who are left leaning, think of it this way. If you have a healthy economic engine you have the funds to pay for your social programs, government incomes and benefits as well as health care and infrastructure. […]

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Is it Worth it to Break Your Mortgage? Your mortgage is a huge investment. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re going through the mortgage application process. Life is full of changes and sometimes breaking your mortgage is an option you’re considering. Breaking a mortgage is something many people consider at some point in life. When breaking a mortgage you will, unfortunately, need to pay the mortgage lender a fee called a […]

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Canadian Small Business Tax Changes

Canadian small business needs to speak up and make sure someone is actually listening. The implication from Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Morneau is that most owners of small corporations in Canada are somehow ripping off the system and that is treating the rest of Canadians unfairly. There are several insinuations here and even in the 2 articles linked here that are simply false statements. Mr. Trudeau goes so far as to say that an employed […]

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Small Business Tax Rates

Concern mounts over Morneau’s proposed tax changes affecting small businesses See the Article in the Globe and Mail: Morneau and Trudeau are simply not thinking things through. The theory that a small business should pay essentially the same tax rate as a high income personal earner is ludicrous. This will kill small business in Canada. Small business needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow assets and provided opportunities to then be able to […]

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