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My Views On The Proposed CPP Expansion

It seems Kathleen Wynne is now prepared to take full credit for the proposed CPP expansion. The current retirement legislation began with Mr. Harper’s proposed PRPP which she refused to work with or make acceptable alternate proposals. Her government then tried to force an inflexible, expensive program down the throats of taxpayers and Ontario businesses. She did not listen to industry professionals about logical alternatives including defined contribution and created a very uncertain marketplace hurting […]

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Ontario Retirement Pension Plan – ORPP

It’s not unusual for Ontarian’s to ignore and shrug off political agendas and proposed legislation. In fact, one could make the statement that far too often we react slowly to change, if at all. If there was ever a time to take notice and make your thoughts known it might be now. Most are aware of new legislation passed provincially following federal legislation regarding pensions. What most Ontarian’s aren’t aware of is what the full […]

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