Health-care coalition sets out recommendations for national pharmacare

How to get it wrong, good article showing the perspective of those not having to pay for national pharmacare. This is not free.The end result of a single payer system is a cost to the system in excess of $25-30 billion. This will fall onto the backs of employers and employees through additional taxation. There`s evidence a single buyer system and increased competition in the pharmacy world and patent legislation could save the system in excess of $5 billion so why would we go there? In addition many employers already provide drug coverage. Use the $5 billion in savings to help those without access to a work program or with low income. An improved buyer system would help employers. One can only hope Canadians are given the opportunity to look at the alternatives and the federal government considers them before implementing another expensive social program driven by the far left. This would further weaken an already beginning to stumble economy.

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